Support us in researching raccoons, raccoon dogs and co.
With our ZOWIAC app, you can directly participate in scientific work and report finding points for invasive carnivores and other observed animals.
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Wildlife in focus

We study invasive carnivores (carnivores) in terms of their impact on endangered native species and their respective ecosystems, as well as their infestation with parasites and other disease-causing pathogens, among other factors.
Background information on invasive carnivores.
species used as food by invasive carnivores
Every living being is affected by a parasite at least once in its life

Map of discovery sites

In the map you can find all finding points of the examined animal species – the map can be filtered by period, area and animal species. You can also see the data you reported here at any time.


Become a citizen scientist and support us!
With the ZOWIAC app, you become part of the project. You can help to generate data about the distribution as well as the further spread potential of raccoon and co. in Germany.
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